Efficient Microorganisms in lettuce cultivation

Westefann dos Santos Sousa, José Roberto Verginio de Pontes, Osmanny Francisco Pereira de Melo


Efficient Microorganisms are shown to be an effective, alternative, sustainable, safe, and low-cost technique to increase the productivity of organic foods, and their use is a good option for agroecological management. Based on this context, this work had as main objective to evaluate the efficiency of the application of a biological cocktail from Efficient Microorganisms in the cultivation of lettuce. In the capture of the Efficient Microorganisms and the manufacture of the biological cocktail, a methodology proposal in the agroecology used by Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supplying (MAPA, in Portuguese, Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento). The adopted experimental design was randomized blocks containing 8 blocks and 3 treatments. The T1 treatment, application of the Efficient Microorganisms, obtained a greater fresh mass of the aerial part of the plants sampled in the two cycles, resulting in a higher productivity in tons/hectare. The results proved to be advantageous for the productivity of the lettuce that received application of the biological cocktail from Efficient Microorganisms, when the biomass parameters were analyzed.


Lactuca sativa. Organic production. Biological cocktail.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18406/2316-1817v12n220201456


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