Investigation of the growth bacteria and Nano iron on the chlorophyll and some nutrients triticale

Zohreh Sepehrzadegan, Omid Alizadeh


This study evaluated the effect of growth bacteria and nano iron fertilizer and ordinary iron fertilizer on the chlorophyll content and concentration of some nutrients. The experiment was conducted as 4 × 6 factorial in RCBD design with three replications in two years (2016-2017). Treatments included: use of plant growth-promoting bacteria in four levels (Non-inoculation, inoculation with Azotobacter crocococcus, Azospirillium methylpofrome, and Pseudomonas putida) and nano iron fertilizer in five levels (0.0 %, 0.5 %, 1.0 %, 1.5 %, and 2.0 %) and ordinary iron fertilizer on two levels (2.0 % and 0.0 %). Based on the results, the application of biofertilizer and Fe fertilizer had significant effects on all traits at 1.0 % or 5.0 % level. The results of the comparison of the mean of treatments showed
that the highest chlorophyll a (0.806) was obtained by Azotobacter crocococcus + 0.5 % nano-Fe and the highest means of chlorophyll b and carotenoid with 0.275 mg g FW-1 and 0.224 (mg g FW-1) values, respectively, were observed by Pseudomonas putida + 0.5 % nano-Fe. The highest value of P (55.24), N (4.42) and Fe (84.43) were obtained by Pseudomonas putida + control Fe, Azotobacter crocococcus + 1 % nano-Fe and Pseudomonas putida + 1 % nano-Fe, respectively.


Elements. Inoculation. Nutrition. Pigments.

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