Perspectives of treating swine manure biodigestors in projects of carbon capture in Brazil

Fernando Mario Rodrigues Marques, Virgínia Parente, Carlos Cezar da Silva, José Aquiles Baesso Grimoni, Geslaine Frimaio


The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects proposed in the Kyoto Protocol
constitute an interesting way of protecting the environment and at the same time promoting
sustainable economic development in emerging economy countries. Possible CDM projects include the treatment of swine manure using biodigestion, which would provide an opportunity for
Brazil to actively participate in the carbon credits market. Brazil is currently the world’s third
leading swine producer (36 million animals). This study aims to demonstrate that the treatment
of swine manure using bio digestion can minimize environmental impact and also contribute to
reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by approximately 19 million tons per
year, generating around US$ 78 million in carbon credits for Brazil annually.

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