Study of the environmental ecological environment: perception of children and young people of the schools from Obligado District, Department of Itapúa

Vanesa Juliet Dickel, Juan Jose Bonnin


For proper management and care of the environment in a citizenry, the implementation of education from an early age is necessary. Environmental education from its beginnings, when only general concepts about the environment were talked about, until today, with the influence of sustainable development, was intended to help the proper perception of the environment in people, for which we must become aware, besides transmitting to children and young people good practices that influence their daily lives and that constitute a way of life. From the study carried out, it is intended to reflect the perspective in knowledge, management, sensitivity and behavior relating it to environmental issues. Through the use of a mixed type survey, the sample under study was questioned about the level of knowledge about the environment resulting in regular knowledge, at which water and air were presented as an aspect of greater interest as a component environmental. Aware that there are environmental problems at different scales, more specifically, at regional level, environmental pollution is categorized in a first order of importance. Information about the environment is perceived to a greater extent through the media and even to a greater extent through television.


Environment. Basic education. Environmental education. Environmental perception.

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